Sezgin Mangjuka and his 4P’s strategy

Who is Sezgin Mangjuka?

Sezgin Mangjuka, a young boy from Kosovo’s Prizren, is a specialist in the digital media industry. He is one of the country’s youngest entrepreneurs, having been born on April 1st, 1994. He is the founder of Millennial PR and Digital, a large firm in the top digital markets. It provides various digital services, including an advertisement, online image/reputation management, public relations, social media promotion, and more. He has an excellent reputation and honor among the professionals as a result of his commitment and expertise. Sezgin began working in the entertainment industry at a young age. He has worked with over 500 clients in his seven years in the media and entertainment business, all of whom were pleased with his performance.

The story behind his success as a serial entrepreneur:

Sezgin worked as a journalist before starting his own business. He then wanted to expand his horizons and engage in more public relations, so he founded his marketing firm, combining his talents as an entrepreneur and a digital marketer. He has assisted several clients, including celebrities, in creating fantastic social media pages. Many customers approach Sezgin and his company because they have a 360-degree approach that encompasses the entire customer experience, from exploration to purchase at various necessary points.

The 4P’s strategy by Sezgin Mangjuka:

Sezgin is, without a doubt, a great inspiration, especially for the younger generation. He has accomplished so much at such a young age while focusing solely on fame and victory. He has a large fan following on the Instagram. Many of his admirers come up to him and ask him to share the methods he used to achieve these heights. To help them, he shared his 4P strategy, which consists of Passion, Perseverance, Progress, and Patience.

1.    Passion:

According to Sezgin, passion can lead to success, and a man without passion is a soulless man. Also, don’t mix up love with a pastime.

2.    Perseverance:

There will be difficult times on any journey, but only those with the qualities of perseverance and urgency will be able to get through them.

3.    Progress:

When he talks about this, he tells the tale of the tortoise and the hare. He claims it contains several lessons. One of them is to go slowly yet steadily. Going too fast will wear you out and become a stumbling block, so take it slow and steady.

4.    Patience:

Patience is valuable in all aspects of life. If you want big stuff, keep in mind that they take time. Sezgin did not reach his full potential in a single day. He lost several times, but he persisted, listening to all negative comments. Today, you will see how much patience he has.