The Music Artist, Grifz, Releases Another Video “My Point of View” on his Own Youtube Channel

Grifz has recently made a come back with his new song, District15, after a year long break due to Covid. While the song was an instant hit among his fans, the music artist is now focusing more on his own Youtube channel, which he recently started.

While he was on a break, he focused on becoming more self made and hence started spending some time on his Youtube channel. The last video he released on his channel was called Attack the Block. This song was a great success, such that it was even featured on @linkuptv.

Recently, Grifz dropped another freestyle video on his channel, called My Point of View. This song is gaining good momentum among the fans of this music artist. Just like his other numbers, My Point of View is also a soul touching song that reflects his own thought process. Watch the song below:

Grifz is an Independent music artist from Manchester England, who has been featured on all UK major platforms. His fans are looking forward to more such soul crushing numbers from the popular artist. You can catch him live on his Instagram channel as mentioned below.