The Unique Style of Musician John Jerome, in His Latest Single “IT’S ONLY A DAY”, Sets Him Apart From Others

Singer-songwriter John Jerome from the small town of Gloucester, MA blends Rock, Pop, and Country to create his style of music. The audience loves his music as there is something for everyone in it.

His latest single, “It’s Only A Day”, is the new Pop-Rock/Americana song, that is an anthem to keep the mind at ease and just remember that it’s important to enjoy not only during your moments, but also in between them. This song was produced by John Jerome himself, as well as many great artists who helped him write this Reflecting Song about living life fully: “It came together over time.”

Jerome was brought into the world of music at the tender age of two. He was handed the guitar at two and since then his love for music and creating it has only grown.Today the artist performs on his soulful and tasteful compositions with his band, John Jerome Band, and even solo.

Jerome loved the Beatles, Paul Simon and The Eagles the most while growing up. He was always mimicking them, playing their music, making covers. He was always clear in his heart he wanted to be a performer. He has never stopped honing his craft.

Everyday he applies his new learnings to his songwriting and storytelling. His debut album is available on all digital platforms including itunes, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music and every other streaming service today.

The homegrown musician John Jerome has always looked at the brighter side of life and through his music he is doing the same. He talks about positive aspects of life in his song, and shares the message with his listeners using his unique style of music which has a collection of imagination, juxtaposing images and a lot of contemporary imagery. Jerome wants the listeners to enjoy the moment, keeping the mind at ease and taking deep breaths. The same way as he makes his music.

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