Theology makes us Understand how our Past was Shaped and how it Continues to Evolve

Theology used to be called the Queen of the Sciences. In modern times its meaning has been modified but it still does refer to studying of deities, religion and spirituality academically. It is associated with not one but all the religions in the world. And many people these days are studying to get the certificate in theology. The practices and traditions of all the religions are studied so that a philosophical glimpse of all the traditions of the world and past generations can be offered to the world.

When the religions are studied as philosophy, the student understands the past experiences of a civilization or a cult. They examine what were the beliefs and culture then and whether or not they have been modified. If it has been modified what is it that has changed and why plus what effects it has had. This gives one good cultural understanding of the world. Religion is not only about God but it also gives insight about humans and the world at large.

Theology explains to us how our cultural understandings are formed. People coming from different backgrounds and experiences are connected as a community by the amplified understanding of culture. Various leading institutions offer courses in Theology in partnership with profound thinkers in the field to help those who are interested in the subject to go beyond the surface level understanding on the subject.

The student then gets an opportunity to explore theology systematically. In modern times theology is not categorized under science because it offers the study of God in the context of history and culture. Student of theology turns to be a valuable citizen of the world as he/she has all the understanding of how a culture is shaped in the natural world and how the traditions around the world were formed and impacted the human beings.