Tier Mobility takes over Coup Electric Moped Scooters

Coup is a well-known motor brand. But for a few years, it has been in a slump. Sustaining the company economically had become impossible. That’s why Coup had to shut down late last year, and since then, the Tier Mobility had an eye for it.

Recently, Tier Mobility acquired Coup and plans to start its own moped service. The coup was a brand with its own version of moped service. And Tier Mobility is a brand that operates motor service. Its motors are kick-scooter-with-a-motor kind.

Now that Tier Mobility and Coup are one, it seems like motor service and the moped service will merge. Even though the brand Coup is gone, it looks like Coup’s scootmobiel will be around. Tier Mobility has 5000 mopeds of Coup’s right now and plans on using it to the fullest. They are going to launch the moped service on Berlin this May, which is a piece of good news.

Coup used to offer services in Paris and Madrid as well, and it is still unsure whether Tier Mobility will extend its services to the cities or not. Currently, Tier Mobility has its reach in over 55 cities across 11 countries. As of now, the company wants to extend its base in Berlin.

The prices of Coup and Tier Mobility are going to be different. Even though Coup had a loyal customer base, it failed to become successful economically because of which it shut down. Tier Mobility wants to make an impact as well as make a profit from its motor services across various cities. It plans to achieve what the Coup couldn’t achieve.