TruTrade.IO and Its Professional Strategies Welcomed By Retail Traders

Scottsdale, Arizona – People who have considered entering trading but have hesitated due to its complexity now have a powerful trading tool: TruTrade.IO, the automation software that is upending the industry. In one platform, the company is giving retail traders the ability to trade futures, FOREX, and equities using tips normally employed only by investment bankers and hedge fund operators. Due to this advantage, the release of TruTrade.IO is expected to level the trading field, so to speak, and give retail traders more confidence in their decisions.

While there is no shortage of books or seminars that teach people about trading, TruTrade.IO Co-Founder Danny Rebello states that these options cannot do what the company’s software can: eliminate manual trading. “The pros go to school and then into the workforce, where they spend years learning more strategies that were never taught in college. How can the retail trader catch up? At TruTrade.IO, we believe that rather than try, the answer is one platform that incorporates that knowledge. The days of manual trading are done.”

One of the key components of TruTrade.IO is DRAMM, the software’s dynamic risk management module. Rebello explains, “Risk, of course, is the primary concern for almost every trader, retail or professional. While we cannot eliminate risk completely from any trade, we believe we can lower it. We accomplish this through DRAMM, which gives retail traders the ability to manage an array of complex money management strategies. This allows retail traders to trade more realistically, an advantage over other retail trading systems.”

Rebello explains that TruTrade.IO also focused on minimizing drawdowns and increasing the accumulation of equity. “We accomplish this by giving retail traders the ability to hedge their positions against the same financial instruments or against other correlated financial instruments in different asset classes. The software is very systematic and incorporates multiple bar-types and timeframes.” 

Rebello says that TruTrade.IO’s engineers prioritized designing software that could adapt to the evolving ability of the retail trader. “Trading automation software is an investment in your future,” he states. “There is no point in purchasing software that you will outgrow in only a few years when you feel more confident about your trading knowledge.”

TruTrade.IO, he continues, allows the user to adjust the settings for their risk tolerance and dial in strategies to allow for that. “It is excellent for novice traders as well as professionals and everyone in between. As you grow in your understanding of the market, the software adjusts to your new level.”

An added perk for post-purchase clients is that they can also enjoy the benefits of having bot-add-ons, which help to prevent slippage and help traders to take advantage of any market condition.

When asked where he sees TruTrade.IO taking retail traders, Rebello is optimistic. “I think our software will be very empowering,” he answers. “Doesn’t everyone deserve to make trading decisions based on the best strategies available? The market, in terms of knowledge, has always been divided into the haves and have-nots. We designed TruTrade.IO to fix this imbalance, and we are very excited about seeing the results in 2022. That’s all we want for our clients: for them to have access to the most effective strategies available. Happy trading!”

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