Virtual Casinos are Taking over the Gambling Market in Finland

Finland may look like a small country. But when it comes to gambling, one has to take a flight and go to Helsinki. Now that’s not what everyone can do. That’s why instead of taking a flight, people prefer to be part of virtual casinos.

The Finland Government has made most of the virtual casinos legal. Players must register to the casino and should be above 18 years of age. Moreover, they should have a social security number and a bank account as well. For the best Finnish casinos, click here.

The government has no problem with the registered virtual casinos. But it is highly against foreign virtual casinos. It highly discourages local players from joining foreign online casinos. In Finland, the government does not support unlicensed foreign casinos, but it has given license to every local online casino.

There is a reason why the government is banking on the casino business. The revenue coming from online gambling has been high. In 2018, Q1 net sales were of 805.6 million euros and The following year, and the Q3 report showed a profit of 262.2 million euros. That is a 43 percent turnover in 2019.

Finnish Lotto and Veikkaus are the leading players in the online casino game in Finland. In between January and September of 2019, Lotto celebrated a turnover of 267.4 million euros. And in 2019, Veikkaus announced that it would invest 4 million and 8 million euros in the modification of the online gambling industry in Finland.

This shows how the leading gambling companies in Finland are focused on growing the business. That’s why it seems like a great time to invest money in the online casinos in Finland.