Why You Need a Digital Strategy To Succeed in These Unstable Economic Times with Tiana Burse

In the current economic environment, small businesses are struggling to survive. According to the Washington Post, about 100,000 small businesses have shut forever. While this is the sad reality, it is time to focus on what we are good at, making it work. More than ever, it is crucial for businesses to think about how they are going to succeed, not just how to survive. In our digital age, we have the right tools to make it. 

According to Tiana Burse, ‘where there is attention, there is money.’ We need to focus on generating more attention to our small businesses to breakthrough. Tiana is an entrepreneur. She started her businesses with zero capital, and now, she runs multiple businesses including District Media Press, DMP UK, and California Bud Co. She is also the creator of a Facebook Watch Series called ‘Hustle Season.’ As an entrepreneur, Tiana has been her trailblazer, and impacting lives all over the world. She encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to stop listening to the news and instead focus their energy on building their enterprises because there is no reason not to succeed. 

In this article, see how Tiana is helping businesses through online presence to rethink, pivot and find new wings to fly. 

Social Media

From experience, District Media Press knows all too well that social media is all about trading attention. If you get the attention of the audience, you are likely to attract new customers. And this is what every small business wants. You have a brand, and through social media, you build your brand beyond limits to get a loyal customer base and brand ambassadors. It is, however, not that simple. It would be best if you had a brand that resonates with clients of different demographics and stays on top of the competition. The key is to have high quality and enriched content to engage with current followers and customers, while also creating new customers. Tiana helps businesses realize the power of social media, which is really within their reach. 


The way I like to think about e-commerce is that it gives you an equal opportunity to compete. With social distancing being the norm these days, the number of people shopping online has increased exponentially. Small businesses have the power to benefit from this traffic by taking their brand to the e-commerce level. There are many excellent turnkey e-commerce packages for small businesses that want to sell online. Whether you feel or paid subscriptions, there is no reason you should not try the packages if you want to start making more revenues now. Together with her team, Tiana shows you how to ride on e-commerce to open more opportunities for their businesses. They place businesses on platforms that get them seen on a logistical level while selling online. 

Developing a digital strategy that works today

Small business marketing needs to include a healthy portion of digital marketing strategies to maximize sales in today’s economy. I have already touched on social media, and I have no intention of boring you. To get noticed, search engine marketing plays a critical role. Implement SEO smart techniques to rank high on search engines. Secondly, the content is vital. Content should instill confidence in the consumer. Providing useful information should be a priority. Through content, you give value. It also helps you rank on search engines. District Media Press helps small businesses to create content for different media platforms. Tiana notes that content needs to grab the audience’s attention, inform and position your brand authority. It is time for small businesses to change the narrative about their brands and master how to get content that converts. Lastly, when you are thinking about content, it is essential to know what has the most impact today. Data shows that more and more people pay attention to video content. Apps like TikTok are changing the game. Having a video to explain a particular feature of your products could be more impactful today. 

They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. There is no limit to what you can do with your business in the online stage. Take advantage of the resources available and launch your business to new heights. Connect with Tiana here to learn more.