World’s youngest self made CEO – Omar El Dokani

Throughout the course of life, there are several “essentials” that need to be fulfilled. Carrying a profession is one of them. Passion is one of the very few motivators in life that makes a person strive, and work hard towards the set of goals that they have set out to accomplish. Times can prove to be challenging when individuals lack the spark of passion & motivation in their career. When a person seeks to do something more than just “simply existing”, that spark to acquire a place in the corporate world is ignited and pushes oneself forward to accomplish their desired targets. With that, success looms closer & closer. However it must be said, it is always the first step that requires the most courage.

An example of passion, and courage to show the world his capabilities, Omar Khaled Abdelaziz El Dokani, has diverted heavy levels of attention to his networking concept. Not only has he started paving way for his success, but his confidence and self-belief has won over a stream of admirers.


Putting his abilities to use, Omar came up with an idea that has ignited hype in the startup world, earning him his title as youngest successful self-made CEO. The youngster put together a core team of four individuals, including him, to work on InterJoin. The front line team of InterJoin consists of Andris Akmentins as PM, George Dumitru as Lead Designer, and Piotr Kuczynski as Lead Tech Developer. Omar El Dokani sits as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of InterJoin. 

The company’s aim is to focus on minimizing the rate of failed business ideas. One of the greatest problems that an individual has to face is getting the required funding when they are set to launch their company and this is what the company InterJoin focuses on solving. InterJoin aims at aiding early path individuals with their business cost by utilizing their Service Exchange concept. The company has a scheduled launch dated for May 2021.

The boy is young but talented and experienced beyond his years, found early success in his company. The CEO aligns his vision by stating, “InterJoin is expected to help individuals heavily decrease employment costs they have to incur. Instead, individuals can opt to trade their skills in return for their needed service. All preexisting networking tools will be at the users’ disposal and we can’t wait to showcase more of what we have to uniquely offer. ”

With the company, Omar hopes to give opportunities to all types of business from small-scale to large-scale, entrepreneurs, to capitalize on the mutually beneficial concept. Moreover, businesses and/or individuals can easily grow and better their existing ideas mitigating less reliance on their current financial resources.

Adding to that, the company will also be serving as a platform that would offer all types of transactions. “It is speculated users will have access to all networking tools to grow their circle, and will also have the ability to use exclusive messaging and connecting mediums on the platform.” The idea that was created by Omar, was to launch a system that would contribute to the grouping of all work-related tasks in the hope of eliminating the switching between platforms to cater to user needs.

Of course, the idea gained immense recognition within no time. Complimenting their successful start, InterJoin acquired a 30,000 USD investment deal for the initial development phase!

This youngest CEO is also near to finalizing the largest Series A investment deal to come out of the middle east at a figure of 375,000 USD. Further plans about the company include expansion and scaling before their anticipated launch.

Omar, young, passionate, determined and head-strong is not just exceptionally talented, but is also serving as the youngest self-made entrepreneur and the Chief Executive of a multi-million dollar net valued company.