A Look Back at The Achievements Of Steven Mayer

Very often, life throws a curveball at us. We expect something out of a person, experience or a situation, but end up with an outcome we were not anticipating. What matters, nonetheless, is what we make of this curveball; we could either get disappointed and base our life around our temporary feelings, or we could leverage this experience and make the most out of it. Similar is the story of Steven Mayer, a successful entrepreneur and a coach.

Belonging to a blue-collar family, Steven was taught to be trapped in the cycle like any other person – go to college, graduate and enter the corporate world. On the contrary, Steven always had a different plan in mind. He learned one of the greatest lessons of his life when he read the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. This lesson was a quote from the book itself, “if you do not succeed at first, you just have to keep trying”. This was probably why Steven kept pushing even after he got laughed at for following his dream of becoming an entrepreneur for the first time.

After this failure, Steven had realized that what he actually wanted was to pursue his dream of starting his own business and achieving complete financial independence. However, he was knee-deep in debt and had to find a way out, so he decided to use his marketing skills and took up a sales commission job. This was his first achievement. Steven quickly became the #1 sales rep for the company, earning over 6-figures per month and was eventually offered a position as the Vice President of Sales.

A few months later, Steven bumped into an old friend, who told him about earning thousands of dollars by selling products on Amazon, and he decided to pursue this too. This was the starting point of Steven’s successful career. He spent a year trying to understand the Amazon model and making use of it, but failed miserably. Just when he decided to quit and tried for the last time, his hard work and determination finally paid off! In the first month, Steven earned $10,000 which grew into $200K at the beginning of the second year. 

This was Steven’s second and most important achievement, which he wanted to share with others in Facebook groups. Soon, people started approaching him for tips and tricks to make their own business successful. This training started slow and on a personal basis. At first, Steven would give 1-on-1 coaching sessions, but soon these turned into coaching groups of five and later 10. After this, Steven realized the need for having a form of coaching without his direct involvement, and that’s when he came up with the idea of FBA Freedom Hackers Academy – his third achievement. 

As of today, there are over five hundred and forty people all over the globe who have benefitted from this course and have been able to pursue their dreams like Steven. Steven’s successes and failures have become a source of guidance for these individuals, and have led to two of his students becoming millionaires and many others earning six-figure salaries. He claims that his happiness is not a result of the money he makes but the success of his students.

Because Steven Mayer’s services grew so substantially, he needed help with his coaching and consulting. This led to him partnering with two other people to start their own consulting company, Valiant Consultants, a customer-demand centric business that provides Amazon Automation services. The secret of Valiant Consultants is that it is fueled by results and driven with integrity – just like Steven himself and his partners are. This was Steven’s fourth and most popular achievement.

Steven Mayer is the perfect example of persistence and determination. Even after several failures, he did not give up and did not lose his focus. His story is an inspiration for all budding entrepreneurs out there.