Ajdaguru unleashes pain on Seen It All

2020 has proven to be full of losses and was quite trying for many, but AJDaGuru is already rising above and taking the new year by storm. Last week, the Texas based musician shared his new song, “Seen It All”, which will appear on his debut studio album, A Different Side Of Me.

On the new track, AJ showcases his impressive and distinctive sound, all while guiding listeners through the most troubling times of his life. An accompanying music video has been shot and is slated to be released any day now. Directed by Dillon Smooth, AJ relives the pain of serving time in jail to the sudden passing of multiple family members.

Guru pours his heart out on the song, “I seen it all, on the block hustling, I seen it all / Lost it, got it back, I seen it all / Death in my family, I seen It alI / I cannot lie, I swear I seen it all.” Seen It All Serves as the lead single on A Different Side Of Me. 

AJ says a recent tragic loss sparked the inspiration behind the song, “I was in the studio getting ready to lay down a track for A Different Side Of Me when I received a phone call that my cousin had been murdered in my hometown. After that happened, instead of falling into a deep depression, their passing inspired me to create a song to address all of the pain I have experienced throughout my life. Seen It All allowed me to express my emotions, all while guiding me through the grieving process.”

A Different Side Of Me will arrive some time this year, and will include no features. Production on the album will be handled by AJ. 

Stream Seen It All below and stay tuned for the new video!