British artist Shojon delivers an emotional cover to Drivers License

British music artist Shojon releases a cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s – Drivers License and it makes us cry. His vocal performance gave us chills, it was like you could feel his pain emulating through the tense nature of the chords chosen. This cover is almost in contrast to his debut solo “Theorem”.

Shojon also known as John Shownmi first gave us ‘Theorem’ the cheeky love ballad, singing a journey from Essex UK to Berlin Germany, Shard Dinners, and GnT’s. FEUD Creative then entertained us with a multi-award-winning FX visual for ‘Theorem’ directed by Craig Heathcote. The video depicts Shojon as a modern cupid character using magic in VFX form winning ‘Best Music Video’ at the London Independent Film Awards, “Gold Best Music Video” and “Silver Best VFX” at the Hollywood Gold Awards.

Advocate for mental health and head curator of Aftersessions (British Music Outlet), Shojon recently commissioned his own chocolate bar to help raise awareness for mental health and fundraise in aid of Mind charity with the campaign Chocolate For The Mind.
This dude has got a heart and we support him.

Check out Shojon’s Drivers License cover:
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