Basketball player Roman Perez will be sharing his story in upcoming film

The film “i am Victorious” is on the way. Portraying the life of basketball player Roman Perez, leaving its viewers with a why and purpose to fight for their dreams.

Releasing later this 2021 year, the film focused on the ups and downs of his life. From growing up in Brooklyn, NY to traveling worldwide, this story is about hope and overcoming our daily obstacles.

The idea of this film, came during the current pandemic where Roman was inspired and lead to share his basketball journey. Hours and hours of footage is now being trimmed to make this a winning documentary.

Being victorious doesn’t necessarily mean that we must always win it life, it means and stands for the understanding that we don’t need to succeed to have victory in life, we can also fail and still be victorious. Because when we fail we are always given the chance to try again, and at the end of the day that’s what really matters.

Encourage your family and anyone who has a dream can all lead to moments, that last forever.

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