Annabella Gutman, and Club Annabella Corporation is going BIG as they Announce a Strategic Partnership with #1 Deal Platform in the World, Goldfingr!

Founder of Club Annabella Corporation, Annabella Gutman, helps entrepreneurs make their dreams come true by connecting them to some of the world’s most prestigious investors. And now, with the announcement of a strategic partnership with the #1 deal platform in the world, Goldfingr, the introduction of even MORE fascinating product ideas, breathtaking artwork, life-changing non-profit agencies, and brilliant business concepts will be released to billions worldwide! This newly matched duo is going BIG! 

Known as the cosmopolitan connector, Annabella has been an entrepreneur herself since the age of 12 and has been mingling with royalty for years. She is the former Miss Los Angeles, Miss United States, and Miss World, an ancestor of the Zohar Kabbalah royal family and a part of many celebrity circles. She has walked some of the largest runways in the world, has been the face of globally known companies like Mercedes Benz, has funded numerous projects for film studios, record companies, and A-list feature films, is currently working to fund various Netflix projects, and has even produced a movie with the daughter of Clint Eastwood, Kimber, and as a result, has built an impressive list of affluent connections.

Her latest news of partnering with Goldfingr should come as no surprise to investors and entrepreneurs as both companies have an extremely similar mission. This mission is to connect in-need entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals seeking just the right gatekeeper and be matched with the perfect investor. As Club Annabella Corporation has a large scale of connections and investors who are associated with billion-dollar funds, Goldfingr’s network is equally as immense and boasts sovereign wealth funds, single and multifamily offices, venture capitalists, private equity funds, and angel investors. 

Golfingr is an exclusively international, private investor and members-only club that is an incredibly powerful tool for individuals looking to build their network. Despite what the world has been experiencing, with the difficulties of the worldwide pandemic, Goldfingr has remained the #1 investment club and has proven to be sustainable throughout a time of crisis. During limiting lockdowns many people have suffered but are still interested in pursuing their entrepreneurial interests and in moving forward with their business ventures. Goldfingr offers a members-only digital platform with over 100,000 investors in the network that are all like-minded and who are interested in creating something powerful. 

To date, Golfingr has funded over $400M and has over $500B of combined capital. They have received distinguished honors such as “Best Investment Club of 2019” by AIBS Malta Awards in 2019 and “Best Social Club in New York” by Lux Global Hospitality Awards in 2019. What makes the company so unique is that they continue to innovate by providing new technologies that enable members to connect in a variety of ways so that they may continue to raise money with portfolio companies through the Goldfingr network. Members are also able to put their startup companies on the Goldfingr platform allowing extraordinary exposure that they would not have had otherwise. 

The benefits and opportunities Goldfingr members have, in a variety of membership levels, are incredible and include: 

  • 1 company presentation per year to over 100 Angel investors, VCs, Funds, and Family offices at the monthly Deal Club Summits (20+/yearly) in NYC’s Goldfingr Social Club and global Deal Summits.
  • Networking with investors at all of the monthly Deal Club events in NYC
  • Goldfingr mobile and website app where members may post deals to investors
  • Global events in metropolitan cities such as Dubai, Malta, Miami and Zurich
  • The Goldfingr social network
  • Amazing networking opportunities and access to the Goldfingr Social Club in NYC, London, Tel Aviv, and Bali and their workspace, private meetings, and events. 

Annabella’s expertise in developing solid business plans and pitch new, innovative concepts is unmatched and her desire to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, filmmakers, women, artists, and individuals seeking to do more with their lives is unparalleled. With this new strategic partnership in place between Club Annabella Corporation and Goldfingr the combined resources, tools and connections will truly be the most powerful alliance the world has seen in quite some time. And one that will allow investors and entrepreneurs to make their mark in a BIG way on the world.



Annabella Gutman is widely known as the cosmopolitan connector. She is originally from Israel and currently lives in Los Angeles. Annabella has been the CEO and Founder of Hollywood Funders LLC, Reflection Films Corporations, and most recently founded Club Annabella Corporation. Club Annabella Corporation helps entrepreneurs, brands and filmmakers receive the success they desire through utilizing her extensive connections, resources and knowledge of the industry. Additionally, the Corporation will fund and manage its own humanitarian project to impact climate change and the environment. Annabella is also planning for several lines beginning in 2022 including a fragrance line, skincare line, video game, clothing line and luxury travel experiences. Her mission is to help bring others with her on a journey to enjoying wealth, success and abundance in life, while giving back to the community, ending homelessness and creating world peace.