Bahraini Hip-Hop Artist ‘Wrista’ is All Set to Release his New Track ‘Yeah I’m Real’ in the Near Future

Bahraini hip-hop artist, ‘Wrista’ has been working hard to release his new track ‘Yeah I’m Real’ in the near future. Although no official announcement has been made by the artist about the same, we have come to know about it from his closed sources. ‘Wrista’ has been into the news for his recent track titled ‘Stay Please’ and this track is built upon broken affection, misplaced love, and human tendencies in order to demand affections even if it can rip off one’s emotional innocence.

‘Stay Please’ is a second official track from Wrista’s album ‘Diverse Thoughts’ and the hip-hop artist Wrista has done a fine piece of work in its music video. People have really appreciated the hip clothing and vibrant colors in the music video. In addition to this, the smooth transitions and creative cinematic approaches are also the elements of attractions in the song. He appeared for D12’s and Obie Trice’s performance in Bahrain for which he received immense response from the audience gathered there.

Bahraini hip-hop artist Wrista makes use of elements from his life and incorporates into a musical masterpiece. According to the artist, he derives his music from his personal experiences but it was quite challenging for him to build his identity in his home country as not everyone recognizes genuine music. He is enjoying a huge demand on Instagram and also he has been gaining popularity for his Tik Tok videos.