Dineline Reveals Powerful New Restaurant Growth Model

The current turnover rate for restaurant customers is high in the midst of the ever-increasing competition restaurant owners face in order to stay relevant and at the top of customers’ minds. 

Why do customers leave their establishments so often, never to return? Many restaurants are beginning to realize the power in engaging with their customers in new and creative ways. A restaurant can stand out from their competitors by exceeding expectations when it comes to building relationships and trust with its customers. 

Dineline helps customers grow their restaurant by 10-20% on average in 6 months using the most advanced digital systems today. They offer a guarantee of success and an experienced track record, fast gaining recognition for creating a “game-changing” restaurant growth model and system.

A powerful new restaurant growth model
Brett Linkletter, CEO and co-founder of Dineline initially started Misfit Media in 2015. In the early stages he worked with all kinds of brands in a range of different industries. In 2021 he rebranded under the name Dineline to better reflect what they do in the industry as he redirected his business toward the restaurant niche as he saw they were the market that needed the most help when it came to marketing. 

Dineline makes it easy for customers to connect with restaurants via Google chat, Webchat, SMS text and more. They also help integrate all channels into 1 inbox to make conversations with customers easier, using an A.I assistant to manage the majority of incoming conversations. Restaurant growth is made possible with Dineline using advanced tools to broadcast messages out to any given audience across all channels.

Helping clients double the size of their business in the first year

It is important for businesses to be aware of the new and innovative ways in which their business can grow. A company needs more customers, more sales and greater profits if they want to experience sustainable growth.

Dineline believes that every engagement is an opportunity to create a lifelong relationship between the restaurant and customer. They have a 90% open rate on every message they send, helping turn restaurant businesses into relationship-building sales generating machines. 

Linkletter shares, “restaurants without our program are limiting their growth tremendously. Some of our most successful clients have literally doubled the size of their business within the first year of working with us.”

Increasing restaurant sales by 10-20%

Dineline’s growth model is so effective that they are confident in their ability to help restaurant owners grow their business by 10-20% in 6 months through the use of their omni-channel CRM tools.

Dineline helps customers manage and connect with guests using the best technology available, while automating 1-1 conversations.

Linkletter shares, “This isn’t a marketing plan, it’s a system built for restaurant growth and it has worked in all sorts of demographics. If there is a potential customer base in your area, this program will get them in the door, keep them coming back, and show that it’s working.”

To exceed expectations, a restaurant needs more than just good food. They also must be adaptable and flexible with their approach when it comes to communicating and engaging with their customers before they arrive.