Sarah Button Banned But Retains Her Following

Recently, 23-year-old Australian adult content creator Sarah Button was removed from Tik Tok without any warning. “In the last 2 weeks,” says Sarah, “I’ve lost 8 accounts, about 700k followers and I had my devices completely Tik Tok banned.” Sarah discusses the stresses of losing access to her popular Tik Tok accounts and how she was able to remain financially stable by having secured such a strong online brand.

How Being Banned Strengthened Her Business Plan

This is not the first time Sarah has lost access before. “I’ve lost countless social media accounts, over 40 Tik Tok accounts, Snapchat’s and Instagrams over the course of the years,” says Sarah, “It’s part in parcel with the industry now.” However, she has never lost this many at once with restrictions on retrieving her content. 

Having only been introduced to the platform for promotion at the end of 2020, Sarah states, “I didn’t realize the impact my Tik Tok account had had on my income until I lost it and I started taking notice of subscription fluctuations, up until then I had a method that relied on internal traffic vs traffic from social media and such, but those methods were being oversaturated and losing the momentum they once had. So I knew it was time for a new strategy!” 

The same day all of the accounts on Tik Tok were banned, Sarah bought new devices and made new accounts and has since regained almost all her following. Though she has had no responses from Tik Tok on getting any data back from her deleted accounts, she has learned the significance of also having multiple platforms to express herself on and communicate with her followers.

How Social Media has Influenced Her Work

In 2018 when Sarah decided to pause her academic studies and start an online career creating adult content, she was using Snapchat premium and climbed to the top of the platform in 3 months. Through this, she met a network of girls in the US and began building her video catalogue and filming her first collaborative scenes.

When the pandemic happened, the main platforms and chat applications changed. At the end of 2020, Sarah grew alongside her close network of girls and was encouraged to join Tik Tok. Here, Sarah posts fully clothed videos that talk about her personal sex life. “I started making jokes about the things I’ve done in my sex life on Tik Tok, and those videos really started gaining traction,” says Sarah. Having created her own niche on social media platforms like Tik Tok has helped to promote her online work, keep her fans connected, and introduce her content to potential new subscribers.

What She’s Learned and What’s Next

Sarah has not let the loss of her Tik Tok accounts stop her from continuing to grow and create new content. “I’ve built such a loyal following based on my personality that I don’t need to fit myself into a societal mould, and that’s priceless,” says Sarah. Whether coming up with a new funny joke or posting a beautiful selfie, Sarah Button has learned that no matter where she ends up online, people will gravitate towards her not because of a platform, but because of her confidence, dedication, and unique humour. “I am looking forward to 2022 and the content I’m going to create, the energy that’s blossoming and the opportunities presenting themselves,” says Sarah who remains positive despite the recent challenges of losing Tik Tok.

PR: Lenola PR