From Storytelling at Campfires to Bestselling Fiction Author – Story of Lynn A. Dalton

Storytelling is an innate attribute that is powered by one’s ability to dream, imagine, and fantasize. The stronger and more creative one’s imagination, the better is the storytelling skill. These people live in their own world and are the ones that come out as successful fiction writers. From their early childhood years, they are fascinated by fiction stories and stir up their own versions in their minds.

There is one fiction author who is gaining the attention of the masses through her exceptional storytelling skills. The US-native, Lynn A. Dalton, was fond of the storytelling art since she was just ten years old. Her passion for writing, storytelling skills, and support from her kids helped her become a well-known fiction author. She has authored two books, both of which revolve around a unique concept and have attracted a diverse fanbase.

Love for Storytelling Becomes a Profession

Lynn Dalton was born in [city, state], the United States. She grew up reading books by Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Iris Johansen. Every book the young girl read, helped strengthen her imagination, and made her fall in love with the art. She spent a major portion of her time, reading books from her favorite fiction authors, and it helped her develop her own fantasy world.

Her love for words and stories encouraged her to start writing at the age of ten and reading fiction books, assisted her in perfecting her craft. She spent her entire school year reading and writing fantasy stories. Her interest in the fiction world helped her surround herself with friends who had the same interests and hobbies as her. All her friends at school enjoyed the art of storytelling. Lynn and her friends spent hours together creating stories, and it did not end here. When they were not together, they used to create and exchange stories through the mail.

What made Lynn stand out among her friends and classmates was the fact that she did not only like writing and creating stories but also share them with others. Seeing people smile and appreciate her storytelling skills proved as a major driving force of her career. There was a tradition of storytelling at the Girl Scouts’ campfires and the young, fantasy-creator, Lynn always had a story to tell.

The end of her high school did not put an end to her dreams, imagination, or fantasies; instead, she got better with her skills every day. She took her passion for storytelling to her professional life. Even though she did not pursue her career as a writer, she did not abandon her skills and love for stories. She worked at the Winchester Memorial Hospital. Lynn had to interact with the patients regularly and her storytelling skills helped her develop a special bond with them. The patients used to share their stories with her, and she used to narrate her fictional stories to them.

She was then hired as a public affairs officer, as a Captain in Civil Air Patrol and she worked in the federal government for 34 years. It was a great place for her writing as she created comical poems covering the working career of retiring personnel.

After years of grooming and perfecting her skills, she finally launched her first book, in the year 2017. The book was about magic realism, which impressed the fiction book readers and helped Lynn establish a prominent position in the world of fiction.

Factors that Led Her to Her First Book

Lynn was a storyteller and loved writing since she was a child. However, she took up a different career path. She had two sons, David Angelo and Michael Thomas. Both her sons, just like their mother, loved the fiction world. Dragons, sorcerers, witches, and magic was something they really enjoyed reading about. Lynn used to tell them stories, and both Michael and Thomas encouraged her to take up writing as a profession. However, the tragic death of her youngest son, David, at the age of 24, was a major set back in her life. Instead of losing hope and giving up, she finally decided to step into the profession of writing.

Her first book, “Scindivian Battles and the Black Magic Draco Dragon,” was published on May 23. 2017. It was the first book of the series, “Dragons, Kings, and the Blazing Slicklizzard Heart Trees.” She is currently working on three other books of this series as it received an overwhelmingly positive response from the readers. It is a series that revolves around magic realism and is based on a fantasy. On May 12, 2019, she got her second book, “Lavender Lace:  A Washoe Indian and NorthStar, California Mystery Thriller,” published. The book was based on an entirely new concept. It was a thriller with an element of mystery and drama in it. Her third book was her book one on New Platform: Scindinvian Battles and the Black Magic Draco Dragon. It hit the markets on February 15, 2020.

A Unique Approach

Lynn is a fictional author who has a unique approach. Most of her stories are inspired by her children, who loved reading fiction novels. However, the factor that sets her apart from other writers is the fact that she uses her personal life stories, and all her characters are inspired by people that surround her. Each of the heroines that are featured in her novels has the attributes similar to Lynn herself. Everything that the lead female character in her story does is what Lynn wants to do in real life. She sees a reflection of herself in her fictional characters.

Lynn A. Dalton is a rising star in the fiction world. Her love for writing, her phenomenal storytelling abilities, and her children helped her set foot in the industry as a fiction author. In April 2018, Lynn was a recipient of the Dayton Book Expo Bestselling Fiction Author. She is currently working on her series of magic realism and fantasy. Her contributions to the world of fiction are worth the praise.