Having the best gears won’t help if you don’t know how to get the perfect focus, says photographer Pranay Patel

Photography is a vast field with tremendous scope. Not all those who carry a professional camera or a DSLR ought to be a photographer. One must be skilled and must have thorough knowledge about photography and its genres. Wildlife photography is by far one of the most amazing photography genres which very few people are well-versed with. Besides a lot of work, it requires time and patience to be a successful wildlife photographer. Pranay Patel, an emerging name in wildlife photography begun his professional career at the age of 13. It was in 2011 when he fell in love with the flora and fauna around his locality.

The photographer who is based in Ahmedabad has been exploring different wildlife sanctuaries and parks of India as well as other countries like New Zealand, USA, Australia, Kenya, Russia and Africa. With almost a decade in this field, Patel has been giving his all to capture the best shot through his lenses. Gir, Tadoba, Ranthambhore, Kabini, Little Rann of Kutch, Blackbuck National Park Velavadar and Thol are a few places which he has visited very often. Emphasizing on focus and timing, the photographer earlier revealed that he missed clicking a perfect shot of Black Panther as the animal made body movements after which it went out of the frame.

To be one talented wildlife photographer requires a lot of skills. Throwing some light on it, Pranay said, “Wildlife photography is an intense job. Of course, your admiration for the animals, in general, plays an important role in shaping up your skill. Being a professional wildlife photographer entails a lot of hard work and patience as it is the nature who dictates the circumstances. Having the best gears in the world won’t help if you don’t know how to get the perfect focus in very little time.” It has been only through constant practice, Pranay has aced the game as one of the best wildlife photographers of tomorrow.

As of now, he has done more than 100 photography trips in his career and he has got a lot to explore now. He further even stated that technical expertise also plays a significant role for the ones who want to become wildlife photographers. “This is a skill that improves over a time, which means continuous practice is essential to be a professional wildlife photographer”, he added. Some of his beautiful clicks including ‘The Wonderful Wildlife of Gujarat’ in 2015 and ‘The Bears of Kamchatka, Russia in 2019 have been documented by the photographer which remains his prized possession. Lastly, Pranay Patel revealed that when the world heals from COVID-19, he will go on all the travel journeys which he could not complete this year.