Mrwalkinlick’s New Book, “Hustle Hard to Beat the Odds” Reveals his Origin Story from Rags to Riches

Mrwalkinlick, a Miami-based rapper has released his book titled, “Hustle Hard to Beat the Odds” in which he has revealed his origin story. The artist has very well conveyed his story of rising from a street hustler to a talented musician who wears expensive & exotic jewelry.

Recently, Mrwalkinlick posted an Instagram story in which he can be seen wearing while playing, “Splashing on Purpose”. Stack Money Entertainment’s new book, “Hustle Hard to Beat the Odds”, is a memoir that shows the artist’s life-story and introduces readers to his “past as a street Hustler”.

“Hustle Hard to Beat the Odds” is an inspirational book for those who are facing struggles in their lives to establish their mark. Its official statement reads, “From family relationships to friendships, and romance. Mrwalkinlick has explained that his book introduces readers to his life at a deep level.

Mrwalkinlick has himself written his book to reveal his origin story which is based on overcoming all odds to attain success in life. Now, the rapper is living his life fully and he fulfills his dreams satisfactorily. Mrwalkinlick has a huge collection of jewelry including chains, bracelets rings, and watches.

His favorite is a mixture of rose gold & white gold and he loves to spend a major portion of his money on watches. The other list of jewelry includes p Cuban links, baguette chains, and dope bracelets. Mrwalkinlick has also got “Super Bowl” rings, Patek Philippe 5980, and Audemars Piguet Open work/ skeleton.  Mrwalkinlick released his book on June 16, 2020, and it is available on Amazon on the link below.

Hustle Hard To Beat The Odds

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