Rising star G@k brings passion and energy with his new album “Welcome To Forever”

Texas’ Gak prides himself on the passion and energy he brings to every single track he spits on. Not always sticking to rapping alone, Gak looks to motivate his audience to take control of their life as he’s done with his artistry. The Texas emcee pulls inspiration from a myriad of influences that shine throughout his latest project “Welcome To Forever”. The 7 track EP covers a number of topics and has Gak wide open for his audience to see his success but also his mistakes and how he got to this point. With this album Gak asks the listener “What is your forever?” challenging them to learn about the inward power they hold and the world around them.

“Welcome to Forever” shows how far Gak can stretch his hand and no matter what direction he goes in, Gak shows he can make quality music. Tracks like “Journey” have Gak expressing and releasing all the pain he’s harbored over this time. The haunting guitar riffs and drums pair easily with the scarred yet triumphant emcee who has persevered and is pursuing his Forever. “The album is a journey of discovering which habits and traits of mine are innate and which traits are a result of societal programming,” Gak says. The focused emcee wears his experiences on his sleeve for the listener to relate to and learn from. “Welcome To Forever” is Gak going through the trenches, taking stock of the current times we’re in and choosing to continue to grow and educate himself and paving the way for his legacy while doing it.

Link to the release: https://smarturl.it/5iwd64

More info: www.callmegak.com